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Weekend Lecture Series (Hybrid in-person/Virtual)
and MCQ Course (Virtual)

Weekend Lecture Series19th & 20th of October 2024
MCQ Course (Virtual) 18th January 2025



Prashanth completed his neurology training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Darwin Hospital and St.Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. He completed his fellowship in neuroinfectious diseases and neuroimmunology at UCSF. After completing his fellowship he stayed on as a consultant at UCSF working in the field of neuroinflammation, as well as the general neurology clinic and inpatient service at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. After returning to Australia, he is currently a clinical neurologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital and a clinical research fellow at The Peter Doherty Institute for Immunology and Infection. 


Prashanth has been heavily involved in teaching medical students and BPTs for many years and strongly believes that neurology can be demystified. He has co-authored several book chapters in textbooks including Merritt's Neurology, Aminoff's Neurology and General Medicine, Clinical Neurovirology and the upcoming edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine.

"Neurophobia" is an affliction (Jozefowicz, 1994) that results in many doctors actively avoiding neurology. Neurology has a daunting reputation due to hundreds of rare syndromes and overly detailed neuroanatomy. Prashanth believes that most neurology is actually simple, elegant, straightforward and even pretty fun when you understand the basics. 


The weekend course will ensure a thorough understanding of basic neurology in addition to relevant and complex concepts, taught in an un-complicated manner that is easy to understand and remember for the exam and ongoing medical practice. Recent landmark studies and research in the neurological field will also be integrated into the presentations. 

A keen teacher and poor comedian, Prashanth deconstructs complex topics into easy-to-understand schemas to make neurology understandable to students of his Dark Art. His still-lingering fear from his own written exam allows him to focus on the most relevant and high yield parts of the specialty, allowing candidates to get the most out of the weekend. 


Due to popular demand, Basic Neurology will also be running an MCQ course to help cement your neurology knowledge just before the RACP written exam.  The course will focus on building foundational neurology knowledge, improving pattern recognition skills, and finally learning how to tackle tricky questions. Questions will be linked to important areas covered in the original Basic Neurology course that we will discuss and cover once again.


The course will be a unique MCQ course based on work done in other fields of education.



Course Content

The Essentials 

The weekend course will take place on the 19th & 20th of October 2024 and will be a hybrid in-person/virtual course. The course will take place at the Ella Latham Theatre, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. There will be a limited 200 seats for in-person attendance. The course will begin with the basics of neuroanatomy and lesion localisation before progressing on to core subjects. There will be numerous questions throughout the course as well as a trial exam at the end of day 2. Saturday will run from 8:30am to 6 pm. Sunday will run from 8:00 am to 6pm. 


  • Introduction to neurology 

  • CNS neuroanatomy 

  • Neuroradiology

  • Stroke

  • MS/Neuroimmunology 

  • Movement disorders

  • Encephalitis 


  • Peripheral nervous system neuroanatomy 

  • Peripheral neuropathy and NCS

  • Neuromuscular and EMG

  • Vertigo 

  • Epilepsy and EEG

  • Headache

The MCQ course will be virtual on the 18th of January 2025 and will take place from 8:30 am to 5pm. Essential areas such as lesion localization neuroanatomy will be covered as well as making fundamental and difficult diagnoses. Building on this, we will follow the core syllabus from the original Basic Neurology course with questions from all key areas of neurology. This would include: Stroke, Neuroimmunology, Movement Disorders, Encephalitis, Neuromuscular, Vertigo, Epilepsy and Headache. 



Prashanth is a wonderful teacher, fantastic storyteller and pretty good artist. His course made me wonder what all the fuss was about with neurology - the way he explains it demystifies the complicated parts and makes it all seem fascinating and simple. Most revision lectures are just a cold transfer of information to the audience but Prashanth explained everything so well and actively tried to make us understand the "why", often using multiple different approaches to explain difficult concepts. His diagrams in particular led to many aha moments. The teaching was peppered with clinical anecdotes which helps give us something to anchor our new knowledge to. I started the weekend with neurology being one of my weaknesses and I've come out of the course feeling confident that neurology is now one of my strengths. For two days that's pretty remarkable.


I rate the course 20/10!! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! Not only has this helped me identify my gaps in my knowledge and fill them in, but also I felt it will make me a better registrar. I have never had such a fantastic teacher as Prashanth. He was fantastic at explaining, very engaging, approachable and above all excellent clinical examples that makes the theory more memorable. 


Thanks so much for the course- it was the best prep course I've been to so far for exams, as I've heard from other people from previous and this year also. Not only useful from an exam perspective, but gave a really easily understood, memorable and simplified but still clinically valid approach to common neurological presentations that can be daunting to confront as a non-neurology inclined BPT. 


Brilliant!! I both hate and never understood neurology for years and have been petrified of neurology in the exam. Now I both understand the material covered and feel the exam will be manageable. Loved your teaching style, I think you have a gift for holding our interest and highlighting what is relevent. 


Refreshing to have such a non-judgemental, humble, humorous teaching style. Prashanth is well spoken and an engaging presenter clearly passionate about the topics and teaching.


Prashanth is an amazing teacher who is really interesting, charismatic and genuinely passionate about neurology. This was the best course I've been to, I wouldn't change a thing!


This was the best course I've ever attended. I came once as a BPT1 and I am back for the second time as a BPT2 just before the exam. I highly recommend the course. It's amazing, it makes neurology fun.


This was absolutely excellent!! I loved the clinical references throughout and this will help me remember things. The course was humorous, entertaining and had references to up to date information and is the only reference needed moving forward. This is an absolute must for every BPT.



Thank You!! Prashanth is an incredible teacher and this the the first course I have been to where the lecturer tries to teach rather than just provide information. Engaging, funny, very relevant to clinical practice as well as the exam. 


Outstanding!! Very inspiring and enthusiastic teacher. I am not actually a BPT but heard your course was so good and thought I'd do it and I haven't been disappointed. Keep up the great work. 

BD, not a BPT


Thanks so much! 

This was a great course with the appropriate amount of depth and discussion for each topic. The clinical anecdotes were entertaining and made things easier to remember and the teaching style was awesome. The information included was right up to date and it was evident a lot of preparation had gone into the text and material covered. I'll be telling other BPTs back home to sign up next year! 


Thank you for a wonderful course. I am a house officer and came prior to starting registrar work in order to gain more knowledge. It was incredibly well taught and at a very practical level. I feel more comfortable with neurology after having minimal exposure to it. 


Like many other medical trainees, neurology was a very daunting subject. I had no real approach to fundamental questions such as 'where is the lesion'. This was born from a poor understanding of the relevant anatomy and how to apply this clinically to the patient in front of you. My other general neurology was also weak - mainly because whenever I have read about topics, I could not appreciate what are the really important aspects and concepts that are needed at my level of training. The Basic Neurology course was excellent at addressing all these issues. After the weekend, I feel I have a system for approaching neurological presentations and what are the key areas I must know as a medical registrar. Perfectly pitched for our level and I would wholeheartedly recommend this course. 


Honestly, one of the best courses I have been on. Very well presented, the perfect course! 


Prashanth teaches exceptionally well. The course is logical and topics are deconstructed in such a way that complex topics become simplified. The notes are tremendous and are a fantastic resource for the exams. 



Fantastic Course!! Informative, succinct and well presented.



The course was fantastic. It took a really overwhelming topic and broke it down into easy to understand segments that will form the backbone of my ongoing neurology study. I learnt heaps and picked up lots of useful tips and tricks.



I wish we had been taught neurology with a clinical approach such as this course in med school, if I had then I would have wanted to become a neurologist. Thank you for taking away my fear of neurology and giving me the hope of at least recognising important neurological differentials. 


Fantastic neurology course pitched at just the right level. Each topic was presented at a good pace and in an interesting fashion, never a dull moment throughout the whole course. Practical management tips as well as tips in general with regards to tackling the written and clinical course was a wonderful addition. Highly recommended



I passed the exam!! 

There were questions from topics that were discussed during the course and I could answer the questions straight away. Highly recommend the neuro course especially for people like me who lack confidence in neurology.



An excellent job running and teaching in the course.
Probably the most knowledgable Neurology AT I have ever come across, you teach very well and you are definitely an asset to RMH.



One of the best prep courses for the BPT exam. A very exam focused course that covers most of the neurology topics you may need to know for the exam. Great lectures and notes, and all at a reasonable price. Thank you!



10/10 !! Best Neurology teaching of all the courses available.





Saturday: 0830 -1800

Sunday: 0800 - 1800

Eastern Australian Time


Weekend Lecture Series 19th and 20th October 2024


Ella Latham Theatre, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.
only 200 seats available


$451 (inclusive of $41 GST)

Bookings for the in person weekend course will be open till midnight October 11th.

Cancellation of Physical course booking

If a cancelation is requested before October 11th, a refund of $426 will be made.

If a cancellation is requested after October 11th but before  October 17th a refund of $376 will be made.

$396 (inclusive of $36 GST)


Bookings for the Virtual weekend course will be open till 6PM 18th October.

Cancellation of online course booking 

If a cancelation is requested before 25th September a refund of $371 will be made.

If a cancellation is requested after 25th September but before  17th October a refund of $321 will be made.

Course book and recordings

All attendees will receive a colour textbook covering the course lectures and high yield material for the exams. 

Those attending virtually will have course books mailed to them before hand. Please register early, before 25th September 2024 to avoid mail delays. Those attending in person will be provided the course book at the venue.

Recordings of the weekend will be available for all  participants, attending physical or online, for 4 weeks after the course

MCQ Course (Virtual) 18th January 2025


$198 (inclusive of $18 GST)

Recordings of the MCQ course will be available for all participants till the day of the RACP exam


Bookings will be open till 9:00 pm 17 January

Cancellation of MCQ course booking 

If a cancelation is requested before January 16th, a refund of $183 will be made.


Click below to Register. At the next screen, if you have previously attended a Basic Neurology course then you can book your place through the Basic Neurology Portal with your prior username and password. If you have not attended a Basic Neurology course, simply click the “Don’t have an account” link at the bottom of the page. 

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